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Tripod is a platform that helps your mobile team build better apps, understand your users, and grow your business.

"Code More, Debug Less With Tripod Pro"

App insights

Get insights of your customers usage such as devices usage, OS versions & Crash trends.

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Report defects better than ever

Raising a defect is just a matter of shaking the mobile device. Take screenshot or screen recording and report it as a defect 

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Integration with jira

Never miss out on important defects raised by your clients. Track them all in your favourite defect tracking tool like Jira.

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Mobile database client

Access SQL database tables and view records in a tabular format. Database records can be filtered without queries.

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File storage browser

Tripod Pro – Live Engineering provides access to app’s internal secure storage as a directories and files to view & modify without rooting/jailbreaking the device.

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Shake to report

Reporting an issue has never been so convenient as shaking a device.

Video Report

Express yourself beyond pictures with our “state of the art” video recording feature to report an issue.

Crash Reporting

Never again miss a crash occurred on all your user’s devices.

SQlite Manager

Access SQLite tables & records from mobile secure storage productively at runtime

File Manager

Create, View, Delete and Modify the internal App files flexibly on the fly.

Manage app data

Astounding Experience while Securely managing your internal app data.

Live Engineering

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App Analytics

View detailed app analytics which includes crash graphs, devices usage, OS versions and app versions.

Report defects anywhere anytime​

Just shake the device to report a defect. Track them in Jira, Github, Bugzilla.

Live Engineering

Access secure internal app storage and database by using live engineering in mobile

Instant feedback from customers

Get instant feedback from your customers from your app. Don't need to wait till end of sprint for feedback.

Shake to report


Shake your device and select Screenshot


Edit the image to highlight crash and provide details


Click on send to submit the picture report


Shake your device and select Live Engineering


Open link in browser, approve connection


Browse/Upload/Download/Delete App internal data

live engineering

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