AI powered test automation

System, Integration and Continuous testing with live interactive reports powered by AI

"Whether you need the simplicity of a cloud-hosted solution or the control of hosting on your own private infrastructure, we have options."

integration testing

Simple way to send REST and GraphQL requests right away.

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Mock your microservices

Mock your APIs by isolating your services for fast, robust and comprehensive testing.

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Distributed testing

Test on multiple mobile devices and browsers across platforms with live interactive reports powered by AI.

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AI powered reporting

Acquire, aggregate and analyse test reports to ascertain release health.

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Continous Testing

Integrate your tests with CI/CD environment to automate your development and quality assurance process quickly, safely and at scale.

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AI powered dashboard

Defect tracking integration

Fast traceability with defect management

Realtime aggregation

Achieve full automation visibility in real-time by centralising and aggregating all logs, reports and media data for indisputable

Holistic view

History of executions and fail patterns can be used to achieve AI powered analysis of your latest results.

Go Beyond UI testing

Exceed beyond UI testing by using your existing tests to gain a holistic view of functionality, performance and visual regressions, all on one unified platform.

Device farm

Securely test your mobile apps and web apps across several mobile devices and browsers and OS combinations in the cloud and on premise.

Manage app data

Astounding Experience while Securely managing your internal app data.

Continuous Testing

tripod test features you will love

Cascading tests

Run your scenarios of test cases by feedforwarding the response from the previous request to next request.

Open Source

Selecting open source technologies means committing to solutions that will support an active, growing business over the long term.

Reliability test

Supports testing of edge cases and failure modes that the real API won't reliably produce


Run tests symultaneously on multiple devices and browsers.

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