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    Are you ready to leverage Tripod?

    We have built an Innovative product that will help developers, testers, managers and companies to build quality apps productively.

    Live Engineering

    Astounding Experience while Securely managing your internal app data.

    SQLite Manager

    Access SQLite tables & records from mobile secure storage productively at runtime

    File Manager

    Create, View, Delete and Modify the internal App files flexibly on the fly.

    Defect management Integration

    Go out of box and efficiently manage your defects with JIRA!

    Shake to Report

    Reporting an issue has never been so convenient as shaking a device.

    Video Recording

    Express yourself beyond pictures with our “state of the art” video recording feature to report an issue.

    Crash Reporting

    Never again miss a crash occured on all your user’s devices.

    App Analytics

    An Informative approach to analyze your app behavior at a glance.



    Access secure internal app storage by running the live engineering server in the mobile phone. It exposes the internal data to your web browser.

    Access SQL database tables and view records in a tabular view. database records can be filtered without queries.

    Edit any file on the mobile itself directly without need of downloading.





    Testers can now just shake the device to capture a screenshot and submit which in turn creates a defect in your favourite bug tracking tool like Jira, Github, Bugzilla.

    Testers need not spend/No need to spend time on writing the steps to reproduce’, Just swipe right with three fingers to start a screen recording and submit it as a defect.


    Project Manager

    View detailed app analytics which includes crash graphs, devices usage, OS versions and app versions.

    Prioritize the defects for the team to work on.

    Get a glance on the live defects that are Open, Closed, and In-progress.





    Automatically notifies the development team every time the app crashes.

    Suggest your changes and give feedback to the team by marking changes on the screen shot and sharing it.


    Take advantage of our fascinating features!

    We believe, a diligent designed 'product' delivers outstanding results.

    Seamless User Experience

    Take advantage of a beautifully designed and simpler user experience in everything you interact with.

    Quick Configuration

    Astoundingly simple and effortless configuration like never before. It’s a piece of cake!

    Email Notifications

    Instantly be kept abreast by our fully equipped and efficient email services. 


    The safe way to access your app data within your own network.

    Wide feature set

    Everything you have ever wanted to develop a quality product is right here.

    Powerful technologies

    Powerful components working together flawlessly under the hood for you to leverage its full potential.


    Shake to Report


    Shake your device to capture the screenshot.


    Edit the image to highlight crash and provide details.


    Click on send to submit the picture report.


    Video Recording


    3 Fingers swipe from left will start recording your screen.

    Provide Details

    Provide the detials if any need.


    Click on send to submit the video report.


    Live Engineering


    3 Fingers swipe to top will start Live Engineering of the phone data.


    Open link in browser, approve connection.


    Browse/Upload/Download/Delete App internal data.

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