Tripod Sensor

Declare the Application class and TripodSensor activity in Android Manifest file.




Provide your ‘Application details’ – App Name, App Identifier (package name of your application).

Choose App Platform as Android.

You can add users with their Email-ids, form them to receive email notification of crash details.

Provide an app icon(not mandatory).


Jira Integration

App issues and defects can be managed in tripod as well as in Jira which is synchronized with Tripod.

Login to your tripod account.
Select the app and go to app settings.
Enter Jira account credentials and details.


Now every crash or issue at tripod will be created at Jira.
Email Notifications will also have the link to view the issue details at Jira.


Login with the same credentials provided during the ‘Sign up’.



Crash Reporting

With tripod integration you never miss a crash occurred on all your user’s devices.

Tripod automatically sends the crash report whenever the application crashes.

Go to web portal and check the “Crashes” section, all the application crashes with details (ex: App version, Handset Model, Time etc.) will be shown here.

The Graphical view shows the app crashes by Day, Month and Year (as shown in fig below)



Selecting a crash from the list shows the Stack Trace and the crash details.




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