Develop, Test, Deploy & Support

Tripod is a platform that helps Develop with ease and fast, Test with confidence, Distribute builds to testers when needed, Support your customers to grow your business.

"Tripod gives you a hassle free experience in several stages of your software development life cycle"

Tripod Live

Remote support your users anywhere with screen share, fetch device logs, access hardware sensors within your app.

Tripod Build

Distribute your apps with an ease to beta testers when ever they need. Install any build by moving back in history.

Tripod Pro

Develop complex applications with ease and accuracy using Tripod Pro and get insights, diagnostics, internal storage access and many more.

Tripod Test

One stop solution for all your testing needs using CI/CD, mocking and reporting with AI.

Are you ready to leverage Tripod?

We have built an Innovative product that will help developers, testers, managers and companies to build quality apps productively.

Live Engineering

Astounding Experience while Securely managing your internal app data.

SQLite Manager

Access SQLite tables & records from mobile secure storage productively at runtime

File manager

Create, View, Delete and Modify the internal App files flexibly on the fly.

Defect management Integration

Go out of box and efficiently manage your defects with JIRA!

Shake to Report

Reporting an issue has never been so convenient as shaking a device.

Video Recording

Express yourself beyond pictures with our video recording feature to report aa scenario

Crash Reporting

Never again miss a crash occurred on all your user’s devices.

App Analytics

An Informative approach to analyse your app behavior at a glance.

Customizable SDK that only requires a minute and few lines of code to get started

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support sessions
1 +
Videos captured
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Screenshots captured
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Crashes Tracked

fall in love with our features

Healthy App

Tripod pro identifies crashes even before your customers report them.

Work Smarter

Work smarter and solve problems faster with Tripod Pro by reducing problem identification time

Hassle free integration

Integrate in seconds. Insights in minutes. Tripod's integration takes less than a few moments.

Live Engineering

Code More, Debug Less with Tripod Live engineering's state of the art debugging features.

Fail fast fail safe

Put your app to test in hands of several testers and identify issues before they reach your customers

Streamline your process

Tripod fits into your workflow perfectly, helping you streamline your mobile development process.

One Solution to Scale With Confidence

  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting
  • On-Premise Hosting
  • Data Encryption In-Transit and At-Rest
  • White Labelling Solution

  • Flexible Data Retention
  • No Cap on Apps and Team Members
  • Priority Support
  • Custom SDK and integrations

Get On the Fast Track to
Happy, Healthy Code!

Tripod fits into your workflow perfectly, helping you streamline your mobile development process.